In the words of Ray Hemachandra, the author of Showcase 500 beaded jewelry from Lark Jewelry and beading:

“The advent and power of  of social media have changed the development of the beading community and its collective body of work entirely.  Every day online, beaders communicate and commune. They exchange ideas and tell tales of their beading spaces, obsessions, and foibles.

They share personal stories of daily family life, meals, illness and recovery, and deaths.

They talk about their Etsy stores, design copyright, classes, and travels and all the joys, toils, and minutiae of workday life.

Most of all they share photographs of their beadwork and they support each other. They celebrate one another´s designs and achievements. They offer constant words of encouragement, support and love.

The artistic community and the conversations  are now global. Beaders from all over the world participate, contribute, and belong”


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